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Wedding Videography Styles

01. Journalistic

Capturing the events of the day as they happen. Usually edited in a linear fashion, so you end up with a video that documents your wedding from morning preparations through to evening reception.

Journalistic style features interviews with the bride, groom, family and friends commenting on the day and/or offering congratulations. The sound bites are used throughout the video to tell the story of the day, although this variation is more common in the Cinematic style wedding video.

Aside from these interviews, the journalistic style typically we stay unobtrusively in the background during the day and do not interact greatly with a couple or their guests.

02. Cinematic

Cinematic style of wedding video is filmed and edited more like a movie with a view to emphasizing the emotion and drama of the day. It may rely more on montages, music, special effects and slow motion.

The camera work of a Cinematic wedding video may feature more movement, sometimes using camera stabilization systems like a Gimbal or Steadicam. Coloring and contrast may be enhanced during editing to give it a style/film-like feel.

Interacting significantly more on the day, setting up shots and directing the couple and/or guests in much the same way as the wedding photographer.

There is a certain amount of overlap between Cinematic and Journalistic to achieve this style. 

03. Short Form

Short Form is a highly edited version of your wedding video which lasts between 5 – 15 minutes. Short Form style can be similar to Journalistic or Cinematic videos, this format tends to lend itself better to Cinematic videos as the ceremony and/or speeches that are included are sound bites.   

Mada Weddings also provides a full length version of the ceremony and/or speeches as a separate service. 

04. Traditional

The antithesis of the Short Form, this is the old style  you would expect if you asked a friend to film your wedding. Filmed from start to finish, with minimal editing if any at all, the Traditional wedding video often lasts two to three hours depending on length of your wedding.

If you want a more modern approach and you want to catch every moment this style is for you. 

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