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Wedding Photography Styles

01. Traditional

Photo by: Rick Gustafson

Classic and traditional photography is similar to what many couples’ parents have from their weddings. These very simplistic, straightforward photographs may not be highly creative but they are timeless and won’t go out of style. 

Traditional photos are typically shot at eye level and posed. Most photographers incorporate at least some traditional photography into their mix, particularly for family portraits after the ceremony.

02. Photojournalistic

Photo by: Rick Gustafson

Candid and documentary-style photographs make for some of the most heartfelt and memorable images, which is why many photographers have adopted a photojournalistic style. We treat the wedding day like a feature or news story. We let the moments unfold naturally, documenting the magic as it happens.

03. Editorial

Photo by: Rick Gustafson

On the opposite end of the spectrum, editorial images are much more posed, they have a mood, like a fashion magazine. This style is rarer in the wedding photography industry, but we specialize in editorial photography. 

Most couples go into wedding planning knowing they want their wedding photographed in this style. The expectation for their wedding photography is a high-end, luxury feel photoshoot.

04. Dark and Moody

Photo by: Rick Gustafson

Dark and moody photographs are exactly how they sound… dark, moody, and dramatic. We are looking to photograph the couple with shadows and/or harsh lines that create unusual and creative patterns and lighting. Over the years, many couples have gravitated toward this style. 

05. Black and White

Photo by: Rick Gustafson

Black and white wedding images are more about editing than photography style. MADA Weddings offers images in black and white as well as use of solely black and white film cameras.

There are certain images that will speak louder in black and white. It comes down to feeling and emotion and is our discretion. We envision what would deliver more emotion in black and white.

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