Photography & Cinematography

We strive to capture timeless images


Your wedding is a special moment you want to remember for a lifetime. Being able to look back and clearly remember every detail is what MADA weddings strives for. Planning well in advance is very important to finding the right wedding photographer to capture your special day. Every wedding couple is different and what they envision for their wedding. We shoot a mix of traditional and photojournalist style. We are well diverse and can capture the style that most suits your vision.

Traditional. Posed shots are the primary focus of this approach. Photographers take extra time to capture specific moments in just the right way. They also take a more prominent role throughout the day. The photographer directs the couple on what to do to achieve certain shots. This style works well if you have a list of particular shots you want taken during your wedding day.

Photojournalism. This style takes a documentary approach to capture the details, candid shots, and everything in between. With a wide variety of images, the pictures tell the story of the day. As the day passes, the photographer works in the background to take pictures of the ceremony and reception. If you don’t want to think about photography very much throughout your day, this style may be a great choice for you.

Mixed or Blended. As the name implies, this approach is a blend of the two styles above. Combining elements of both styles allows for creativity without missing the classic, iconic shots of your big day. This approach provides many of the typical posed shots while also preserving the details. Additionally, with the use of digital photography and editing software, wedding photographers can add an extra creative flair to their pictures.

Photo Add-ons

  • Extra Photographer *included in 10hr package
  • 35mm Film 36-72 scanned photos. 
  • Wedding Album *included in 6 & 10hr package
  • Engagement Shoot *included in 10hr package
  • Extra Roll(s) of Film *36 exposers
  • Photobooth
  • Social Media Package

3HR PACKAGE: $1,499

Great for Elopements

  • 1 Photographer
  • 300+ Images 
  • 25 Edited Photos 
  • Online Gallery

6HR PACKAGE: $2,599

  • 1 Photographer
  • 600+ Images
  • 50 Edited Photos 
  • Online Gallery
  • Wedding Album

10HR PACKAGE: $3,599

Great for Mid-Large Weddings
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Assistant 
  • 900+ Images 
  • Online Gallery
  • Wedding Album or Engagement Shoot
  • External HD *all raw content


Starting at $1,249

Stop thinking… You have your own Personal assistant that will post real-time moments for you. 

  • Day of Recaps
  • Reel Recaps
  • Story Post
  • Social Post
  • Thank You Video


We are passionate about everything we film. Every wedding is so special. We see the true meaning human life. How we are all unique and special in our own ways. We strive to give you a film that will touch your soul. Taking you back to one of the most important days of your life but narrated as a story. 

MADA Weddings formula to filming your special day. We capture your wedding with these four principals:

Cinematography – Slow movement and locked down shots. Finding the most beautiful frames. 

Documentary – Finding the stories among your friends and family. Using these sound bites, speeches and vows brings your narration of your story together.

Creative – We love trying new ideas always adds to the end result. There is no such thing as a bad idea 🙂

Aerial – Establishing shots are important. By filming aerial shot we give you that opening shot to your city, home, church and/or venue. 

Video Add-ons

  • Extra Videographer
  • Day of Editor
  • External HD *all raw content *included in 10hr package
  • Edited Speeches *included in 10hr package
  • Edited Video of Dance(s) *included in 10hr package
  • Edited of Ceremony *included in 10hr package
  • Social Media Package
  • Thank You Video *1min recap to post 7days after wedding

3HR PACKAGE: $1,999

Great for Elopements

  • 1 Videographer
  • Short Edit Film (2-3 min)
  • Downloadable Link for Short

6HR PACKAGE: $2,999

  • 1 Videographer
  • Thank You Video *30sec  recap for reels
  • Recap Story Edit (5-8 mins)
  • External HD *all raw content

10HR PACKAGE: $4,999

  • 1 Videographer
  • 1 Assistant 
  • Thank You Video *30/60sec  recap for reels
  • Recap Story Edit (5-8 mins)
  • Edited Speeches
  • Edited Video of Dance(s)
  • Edited of Ceremony
  • External HD *all raw content